El mundo hispano y la salud

By Cheryl Block, Ana E. Gray, and Patricia Willoughby

A new publication by FLL Faculty Cheryl Block and Ana E. Gray was recently released by NCSU Campus Enterprises, an NCSU Office of Professional Development’s imprint. The textbook El mundo hispano y la salud (Raleigh: NCSU Campus Enterprises, 2013) will be the required textbook for NC State University students taking FLS 201-603: Spanish for Health Professions.  Also, it is a recommended text for anyone who plans to take the online exam Spanish for Health Professionals.

What Others Have to Say about El mundo hispano y la salud

“This book is unique in that it is an intermediate level text and goes far beyond the usual simple phrases. This book will certainly increase the confidence of health care providers who already know a little Spanish, allowing conversation at much more advanced levels. At last! We have a book that truly helps to break through the linguistic and cultural barriers of communication!” – Julie Underwood, Master Public Health, UNC-Chapel Hill

“A text such as El mundo h0ispano y la salud is essential for developing cross-cultural skills, the cultural competence needed to work effectively as a medical or health-related professional in the field of public health, and skills for patient empowerment.” – Penny Simpson, Co-producer of  “Nuestra Comunidad: Latinos in North Carolina”

About the Authors

Cheryl Block is an Assistant Teaching Professor at North Carolina State University. She teaches various levels including advanced conversation and composition and literature. One of her interests is content-based courses; she designed the Spanish for Health Professionals course in 2002 and Spanish for Social Work in 2013. She has volunteered with her students over the years at various health fairs and clinics as an interpreter.

Ana E. Gray, a native speaker of Spanish, originally from Lima, Peru, is a faculty member at North Carolina State University. She is a member of  the Bar Association of Lima, Peru, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ACTFL. Since 1994 she has developed and taught content-based courses, including Spanish for Textiles, Business Spanish, Business Correspondence and Cross-cultural Issues, Spanish for Tourism, Principles and Practices of Interpreting, among others. She is a Program Director of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce certificates and the co-author of the textbook Temas de Turismo, Edinumen, Madrid, 2006.

Patricia Willoughby is a native speaker of Spanish, originally from Lima, Peru and holds a Master of Arts in Applied Spanish Linguistics from Michigan State University and a bachelor´s degree in Linguistics from National University of San Marcos. She has worked as a Spanish instructor for more than seven years. Her passion for teaching Spanish encourages developing new techniques for helping students achieve their learning goals. Her research involves medical lexicon, slang used by young people, and technology applications.

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  1. Jessica Warren says:

    My name is Jessica Warren and I am the Coordinator of Workforce and Corporate Training at Davidson County Community College in Thomasville, NC, I was wanting to know what I needed to do to gain access to a copy of this book.I am currently trying to get a course up and running that is similar to your certificate in Spanish for Health Professionals. Please let me know what I need to do. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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