Annual FLL Graduate Studies Program Picnic Welcomes Students and TAs

FLL faculty and students gathered for the annual departmental picnic sponsored by the Graduate Studies Program from noon to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, September 14, at nearby Pullen Park, Raleigh.

Organized by the Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Scott Despain and his wife Jennifer, the traditional event brought together graduate faculty and students as they all welcomed a new semester as well as a new cohort of Graduate Teaching Assistants. Among the attendees were FLL faculty Dr. Scott Despain, Mrs. Jennifer Despain, Dr. Jim Michnowicz, Dr. Rebecca Ronquest, and Dr. Valerie Wust, as well as grad students Dani Smith, Etna Ávalos, Kelsey Lawler-Childress, Irene Ramos, Caroline Sferruzzo, Casey Helms, and various guests. Participants enjoyed great food and beverages as well as a nice outing at the park.

picnic group picture
FLL annual departmental picnic attendees, from left to right: Rebecca Ronquest, Etna Ávalos, Valerie Wust, Dani Smith, Jennifer Despain, Scott Despain, Kelsey Lawler-Childress, Irene Ramos, Caroline Sferruzzo, and Casey Helms. (Photo: courtesy of Rebecca Ronquest)

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