In the Press: New Study Abroad Opportunity Opens Up in the Caribbean

havana pic
Havana Cuba (Photo courtesy of NCSU Study Abroad Office)

[The following is an excerpt of an article originally published by the Technician on January 8, 2014 about a new exciting Study Abroad Program in Havana, Cuba. Read the full article.]

[…] This summer, N.C. State students have the unique opportunity to travel to [Cuba] and earn up to six credit hours.

The program is N.C. State’s first study abroad trip to Cuba and is directed jointly by Nicholas Robins, a Professor of History, and Mark Darhower, a Professor of Foreign Language and Literature.

The trip to Cuba will take place from May 17 until June 7 and emphasize the “exploration of the socio-environmental impact of the sugar, tobacco and coffee industries, as well as unique historical-political and linguistic aspects of Cuban culture,” according to the Study Abroad website.

Students can get credit for either HI 395: Environmental History of Cuba or FLS 295: Environmental History of Cuba and FLS 395: Language and Culture of Modern Cuba.

“The idea is that students can get Spanish credit and/or History credit,” Darhower said.

[…] “This is an unprecedented opportunity to see what, to most Americans, is the forbidden island, and students who are interested should sign up sooner rather than later,” Robins said.

[For more information about the Havana Study Abroad Program or about any other of our Study Abroad opportunities please visit the Study Abroad Program information page]

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