Spring 2014 FLL Brownbag Talks

Join the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures for its Spring 2014 Brownbag Talks series in which FLL faculty and graduate students discuss current research related to linguistics, literature, films, and culture.

This spring, FLL will have as a special guest Dr. Erin McNulty from Dickinson College who will be talking about the acquisition of Spanish subjunctive by L2 learner.

Spring 2014 FLL Brownbag Talks Schedule

Monday, March 31 4:15-­5:00pm ­ Withers 331

“Referential Activities: More Bang for the Buck. (The Acquisition of Spanish Subjunctive by L2 learners)”

Dr. Erin McNulty (Dickinson College)

Wednesday, April 2 3:00-4:30pm ­ Withers 331

Session 1: “Roma Discrimination and the Need for a Romani Literature”

Dr. Ileana Daniela Chirila

Session 2: “Glottal Stops in Yucatan Spanish”

Dr. Jim Michnowicz

Wednesday, April 16 3:00­-4:30pm ­ Withers 331

“/bdg/ in Nicaraguan Spanish”

Katie Lewis

“Voiced Stops in North Carolina Spanish: Immigrants and Heritage”

Caroline Sferruzzo

“/s/ Weakening in Veracruzano Spanish in North Carolina”

Kelsey Lawler­-Childress

Please, contact Dr. Jim Michnowicz for questions or more information.

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