FLL Alumna Helps Promote Linguistic Diversity at NC State

dunstan image
FLL alumna Stephany Dunstan

CHASS recently profiled Foreign Languages and Literatures alumna Stephany Dunstan’s efforts to promote linguistic diversity within the NC State community. Dunstan, who earned her B.A. in Spanish in 2008, currently serves as NC State’s assistant director in the Office of Assessment, where she continues her research on the impact of linguistic diversity on the college experience.

Dunstan recently completed her Ph.D. dissertation at NC State, for which she received one of the prestigious Dissertation of the Year awards from the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE).

The original story by Lauren Kirkpatrick is available on the CHASS news website.

Summary by S.F. Sotillo.

One response on “FLL Alumna Helps Promote Linguistic Diversity at NC State

  1. Congratulations on yet another honor, Stephany! Language diversity is certainly a fascinating area of study which offers a new perspective on how we may unintentionally discriminate against folks based on their accents.

    And what a gorgeous photo of you!

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