Spanish Geeks, Kick-Off Your Career Volunteering with VOLAR

NC State University’s students of Spanish:

  • Are you looking to improve your speaking skills?
  • Do you want an authentic opportunity to use Spanish outside the classroom?
  • Are you interested in gaining real-life hands-on experience that will enhance your resume after graduation?


If you answer yes to all these questions and you are in or have completed FLS 202 or above, ¡Vuela con nosotros! We provide diverse opportunities for our volunteers to use their Spanish language skills and interact with the local Hispanic community. Expand your language base, cultural exposure and professional experience. You may participate in one-time events as well as ongoing weekly or biweekly commitments.

Are you interested?

For more information, please visit our Webpage or contact Debbie Kane.

Join us to learn about opportunities to volunteer and use Spanish outside the classroom!

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