Study Abroad Makes the World Your Classroom

“While studying abroad in France I was given the opportunity to meet people from different countries. In our program we had 93 students from 7 different countries such as Canada, India, China, Malaysia, Denmark, etc. This video highlights my experiences abroad and interacting with these students, while also experiencing the French culture. We were from different places of the world but we all came together.” Misha Tobar — Music credit: “Taking You With Me” (Alizzz Remix) by Kid Astray; Film Credit: Misha Tobar.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture is to live it — not just study it. After all, at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, we want our students to learn just as much about the human experience as they do about language. How do you accomplish that? By traveling!

There are few experiences that are as transformative to the development of a student as study abroad. A full immersion in another culture heightens ones cultural sensitivities and opens our minds to the complexity of the world. And, if that is not enough, study abroad increases the competitiveness of our students as they seek employment upon graduation.” — Chancellor Randy Woodson

In many ways, study abroad is the most effective and dramatic experience by which students can broaden their international viewpoints and attain new perspectives on their own country. As one student put it “When will you ever again have a chance to become part of another country, even for a short time?”

The time to study abroad is now. Earn academic credit, enhance your resume, immerse yourself in another culture, and change your life. Those who do so are preparing themselves to be citizens of the world who will thrive in the international environment of the 21st century.

Applications for Summer 2015 Study Abroad programs are open already. Get started on the Study Abroad Programs page to find the right program for you!

Additionally, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures awards the Felner Traveling Scholarship which consists of two $1,000 prizes awarded to students every spring at our awards ceremony. Don’t miss the opportunity and visit our Study Abroad Programs page today!

Students walking in Sevilla, Spain.

Student with Peruvian women in Cuzco, Peru.

Students visiting Rome, Italy.


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