Spring 2015 Brownbag/Research Talks

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures invites the NC State community to attend our Spring 2015 Brownbag/Research Talks Series.

Since its inception in 1907, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is committed to the teaching of modern and classical languages, literatures, and cultures as an indispensable part of the University’s mission. It strives to make increasing contact between cultures a daily reality for the students and educators of NC, thus expanding multi-cultural and global awareness through diverse and interdisciplinary research, excellence in teaching, and outreach activities.

The series is an important part of the department’s commitment to cutting-edge, solution-driven research and scholarship as well as experiential education.

Foreign Languages and Literatures Brownbag/Research Talks

Spring 2015

— ♦ —

Wednesday, February 11 1:30-2pm – Withers 331

“Material Subjectivity in Claire Martin and the Quebecois Canon”
Dr. Aubrey Kubiak, NC State University

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Thursday, March 5 4:30-5:30pm – Withers 140

“Against Rules”
Dr. Bill Van Patten, Michigan State University
Invited Lecturer

— ♦ —

Tuesday, March 17 4:30-5:30pm – Withers 331

“Savoring the Harlequins: Patchwork Eating in Nineteenth-Century Paris”
Dr. Janet Beizer, Harvard University
Invited Lecturer

— ♦ —

Thursday, March 19 4:30-5:30pm – Withers 140

“Lumpen Sovereignty: Mutations of ‘The People’ and The State in Contemporary Venezuelan Politics”
Dr. Luis Duno-Gottberg, Rice University
Invited Lecturer

— ♦ —

Wednesday, April 8 1-1:30pm – Withers 331

“A Fulbright in Chile”
Dr. Jillian S. Haeseler, NC State University
Jillian Haeseler will speak about her Fulbright experience as an EFL teacher trainer at the Universidad de la Serena in Chile last fall semester.

— ♦ —

April – Exact Day and Time TBA

“Spanish-English contact in North Carolina: Different variables, different trajectories”
Dr. Jim Michnowicz, NC State University
Part of the panel on Spanish in the Southeast – LAVIS (Language Variation in the South) conference hosted by NC State
Abstracts here: http://ncsu.edu/linguistics/lavis_secol/lavis_abstracts.php

— ♦ —

Wednesday, April 22 1-2pm – Withers 315

“L2 Spanish Subject Personal Pronouns: A study of twelve undergraduate students”
Casey Helms, NC State University
MA Culminating Project Presentation – Open to all faculty/staff/students


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