NC State Welcomes the World of Noh from April 9-12

noh mask
Ko-omote noh mask by Hideta Kitazawa. Photo courtesy of Sohta Kitazawa.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at NC State is pleased to present a special four-­day program on the celebrated noh theatre of Japan conducted by Theatre Nohgaku.

Noh is a perfectly balanced stage art that incorporates subtle poetry, deeply expressive music, tautly controlled dance, and exquisitely crafted costumes and masks. Enjoyed by the samurai class in 14th century Japan, it is one of the oldest continuously performed stage arts in the world.

The four-day event will be held between April 9-12, and will include a performance workshop (free), a lecture/demonstration (free, but reservation needed), and a writing workshop (free to NC State Faculty/Staff and all students; $150 to the general public). The program will be led by composer/playwright and former noh professional David Crandall, assisted by professor Gary Mathews, both founding members of Theatre Nohgaku

For more details please visit the program’s website ( or contact Dr. Gary Mathews (

Posted by S.F. Sotillo, with Gary Mathews.

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