A Welcome Letter from our Department Head

Dr. Ruth Gross – Dept. Head of FLL

Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at NC State. Using our website, you can browse through our department, meet our faculty and staff, learn about our courses and study abroad opportunities, review the degree requirements for our undergraduate and graduate programs, and much more! Through our programs we invite you to develop a broad and intimate understanding of the rich and varied cultures of our globe — understanding  that is built on solid competence of spoken and written skills in the language(s) you choose.

At the undergraduate level, the Department offers students the opportunity to pursue major concentrations in the following programs of study leading to the B.A. degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures: FrenchGerman Studies, Spanish, and Asian Language including Chinese, Japanese and Hindi/Urdu. Students who are eager to make teaching their career can pursue the same degree with a Foreign Language Education concentration in French or Spanish . We also offer minors in the following: Arabic (through Middle Eastern Studies), Chinese, Classics (Greek and Latin), French, German Studies, Hindi/Urdu, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. In addition we teach classes in Persian, Portuguese, and English as a Second Language.

At the graduate level we have an M.A. program in Foreign Languages and Literatures with two separate concentrations: one in French, and one in Spanish. Each of the concentrations incorporates literature, linguistics, and culture courses.

To provide students with more possibilities for languages or levels that may not be taught at NC State, we are beginning an inter-institutional collaboration with other schools in the UNC System through a system-wide Language Exchange, so that we may provide greater language opportunities for our students. You can find more information about this at our Language Exchange website.

I hope this brief introduction is helpful to you. If you have questions, we in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures look forward to hearing from you.

Ruth V. Gross, Head

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