Chancellor Names Two Newly Retired Foreign Languages and Literatures Faculty to Emeritus Status


Recently, Chancellor Woodson named two esteemed Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty to the status of “Faculty Emeritus”:

Toby P. Brody, Senior Lecturer Emerita

Described by her colleagues as a “dynamic and innovative leader,” Toby P. Brody headed the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures ESL Program for fourteen years — a program that she helped build, in large part, from the ground up. Among her many accomplishments as ESL Director stand a $1.25 million Department of Education for Bilingual Education Grant and a Fulbright Scholar Faculty Award from Technological University of Panama in Panama City. Dr. Jeffrey Braden, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences sums up her impact on the educational landscape with these words:

“Toby not only contributed to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; she had a profound impact on our campus. Her leadership of the ESL teaching program is a model for inter-college, inter-disciplinary education. Moreover, her contributions to assessment of and curriculum for students from other countries dramatically enhanced our university’s ability to realize its strategic goals in growing our international student body, and for developing key global partnerships. In short, her work was felt far beyond her department and our college, and has enriched our international outreach and visibility.”

Michèle Magill, Associate Professor Emerita

Michèle Magill has been teaching at NC state for 34 years before going into phased retirement last August. She is a dedicated educator, having received the NCSU Outstanding Teaching Award in 1992, and the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award in 1997. Over the years, she has taught a range of courses from Beginning French up to graduate courses. She was also the first faculty to engage in asynchronous course development in French, creating an online French translation class. A recognized Proust scholar, she has published two books, one of them nominated for the Humanities and Social Sciences Best Publication Award in 1992. In recent years, she has turned to active translation work, and just finished a new translation of a 2009 Tunisian novel currently in preparation for publication.

Recently, Michèle has dedicated much time to community outreach and engagement activities, and plans to spend her retirement working with many local community organizations.

Congratulations to Toby and Michèle!

Posted by S.F. Sotillo; some of the information used for this post comes from ESL Globe and Dr. Ruth Gross.

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