Spring 2016 Brownbag/Research Talks Series

110813_tl_belltower-0595256-800x600The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures invites the NC State community to attend our Spring 2016 Brownbag/Research Talks Series. Since its inception in 1907, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is committed to the teaching of modern and classical languages, literatures, and cultures as an indispensable part of the University’s mission. It strives to make increasing contact between cultures a daily reality for the students and educators of NC, thus expanding multi-cultural and global awareness through diverse and interdisciplinary research, excellence in teaching, and outreach activities. The series is an important part of the department’s commitment to cutting-edge, solution-driven research and scholarship as well as experiential education.

Foreign Languages and Literatures Brownbag/Research Talks

Spring 2016

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Wednesday, February 17 – 12:15-1pm – Withers 331

Enhancing Student Assessment with Specifications Grading

Dr. Mark Darhower, NC State University

Prof. Darhower will share details about the implementation of the exciting new assessment paradigm developed by Linda Nilson in her 2015 book Specifications Grading. The purpose of specifications grading is to move the focus of grading away from percentages and averages to feedback and student development. This talk is applicable to all language sections.


Friday, February 19 – 3-4pm – G107 Caldwell Hall

Yucatan Spanish: a variable swarm in Mexico’s (really big) Ocracoke

Dr. Jim Michnowicz, NC State University

Research talk as part of the Linguistics Brownbag series


Wednesday, March 23 – 1:15-2pm – Withers 441

Be”Wix”ed: Designing and Teaching with an Open-Access Course Site

Juliana Pybus, NC State University


Wednesday, March 30 – 12:15-1pm – Withers 331

“Undoing Deficit: Representations of Dis/Ability in Québécois Fiction of the Quiet Revolution”

Dr. Aubrey Kubiak, NC State University


Wednesday, April 20 – 12:15-1pm – Withers 331

The Genealogy of the Celebrity Chef

Dr. Mike Garval, NC State University


Thursday, April 21 – 11am-12pm – Withers 315

Discourse markers

Claudia Cortés, NC State University

MA Culminating Project Presentation – Open to all faculty/staff/students


Thursday, April 21 – 1-1pm – Withers 315

Intervocalic /s/ voicing

Juan David Gutiérrrez, NC State University

MA Culminating Project Presentation – Open to all faculty/staff/students



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