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The Big Event: Spanish Major Information Night 2016

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Spanish Club Booth during the Spanish Major Information Night, February 25th, 2016. Photo: Jasmyn Morere.

Faculty, local organizations, and over 150 students all came together in Caldwell Hall on February 25th for the annual Spanish Major Information Night. The event welcomed all students: from those majoring in Spanish who were hoping for potential career opportunities to those interested in declaring a Spanish major. With awesome door prizes, a welcoming atmosphere, and nearly a dozen booths, students were provided with fantastic resources to help them engage more with Spanish both on campus and within the community.

Organizations in attendance included: NCSU Study Abroad, Digital Benefits Advisors, Wake County Public School System, Johnston County Public School System, Kipp: ENC – College Prep Public Schools, Broadreach (Great Outdoors Provision Co.), Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Club), VOLAR, Robertson Immigration Law Firm, and more.


Faculty, local organizations, and over 150 students all came together in Caldwell Hall on February 25th for the annual Spanish Major Information Night. Photo: Jasmyn Morere.

One 2013 NCSU alumni, Rachel Braswell, represented Johnston County Public Schools at the event. She graduated with a degree in Spanish Education, and noted that there are increasing opportunities in the career force for Spanish majors. “Language programs are constantly growing,” she explained.

One student attending the event, Madeline, is working toward a minor in Spanish, with a major in international studies. She was one of many students excited about attending and discovering the different choices that the program offers. “I’m here to learn about options,” she said, “and double majoring.” In fact, the program now offers a simpler option for converting a Spanish minor into a major – in most cases, it involves only five additional courses beyond the Spanish minor.

Kendall, a sophomore double majoring in international studies and Spanish, explained how well the program has worked for her. “There’s a lot of overlap between the two majors,” she answers, when asked how she manages both fields of study.

Lacy, who coordinates Spanish immersion programs for Broadreach, added additional insight into why Spanish is important. Broadreach hires instructors for summer and full-time employment. When asked how much Spanish has changed her life, Lacy responds, “I use it every day.”

Spanish program coordinator Jim Michnowicz coordinated the event, and is dedicated to helping current and prospective students within the Spanish Department. “The benefits are so much more than the language,” he explains, “it’s the entire context.”

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By Jasmyn Morere

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