An Afternoon of Achievements, FL&L Students Receive Awards

student awards 2016

Foreign Languages and Literatures chair Ruth Gross opening the awards ceremony.

On April 20th, the Foreign Language and Literatures community joined faculty, staff, relatives, and friends in recognizing its top students for their excellence and academic prowess. Listed below are outstanding FLL graduate and undergraduate students who have received scholarships and awards this semester: 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Office Merit Scholarship for 2016-2017

Madeline Chambers

Tyler Klund

Julie Franck

Excellence in Classroom Teaching Recognition

Juan David Gutierrez, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spanish

Lisa Presotto, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spanish

Excellence in Classroom Teaching Award Recipient

Cecilia Paoppi, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spanish

Fullbright Award

QuiAnne’ Holmes, Spanish

Alex Starnes, Spanish

Sigma Delta Pi Graduate Research Grant

Alex Hyler, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spanish

Arlene Malinowski Memorial Award

Ivy Cody

FLL Teacher Education Distinguished Alumni Award

Elizabeth Orsega Lipetzky

Diane Fagin Adler Francophile Scholarship

James Chandler Gonzales

Spanish Faculty Award

Sarah Chetty

Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Awards

(French) Catrina Rateb

(German) Adam Barnhardt

Christopher Hixson
ROTC cadet and Russian minor Chris Hixson receiving the Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Awards from FL&L chair Ruth Gross.

(Italian) Kelsey Shevlin

(Russian) Christopher Hixson

Ashley Meyer L.I. Felner Scholarship for Study Abroad

Katie Knuckles

Madison Serpan


Outstanding Student in Beginning Arabic

Lindsey Davis

Outstanding Student in Intermediate Arabic

Ryan Glennon

Outstanding Student in Advanced Arabic

Mohamed Alsous

Chinese Studies

Outstanding Achievement in First-Year Chinese

Dee Anthony

Carly Burnette

Arishonne Frye

Jenna Kane

Outstanding Achievement in Second-Year Chinese

Luis Pizarro

Patrick Povinelli

Olivia Zalecki

Outstanding Achievement in Third- Year Chinese

Praise Shao-Tzu Wu

Esther Wu

Classical Studies

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin

William Verkerk

Jasmine Wallace

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Latin

Kyle Booker

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Latin

Haoshi Yang

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Greek

Carl Rice

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies

Mariam Jamal

Jemma Strauss


Outstanding French Major

Margaret Mainguy

Outstanding French Minor

Tracey Neza

Outstanding Contribution to the French Club

Nikki Blackman

NC-AATF John Philip Couch Study Abroad Scholarship

Mary Katharine Valcher

German Studies

Outstanding First-Year German Student

Daniel Rice

Outstanding Second-Year German Student

Alex Warren

Outstanding Third-Year German Student

Ryan Brandt

Outstanding Fourth-Year German Student

Alex Kearney

Outstanding German Studies Major

Nathan Tesh

Outstanding German Minor

Hannah Frank

Mary-Margaret Hertz

The “Ode to Joy” Award

Herman Huang

Graduate Program

paoppi img
FL&L’s director of graduate studies Scott Despain presents the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Spanish to Cecilia Paoppi.
Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish

Vannessa Quintana Sarria

Cecilia Paoppi

Outstanding Graduate Student in French

Tyler Hanks


Award of Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu

Karl Widney

Award of Dedication in Elementary Hindi-Urdu

Ramya Vishwanath

Award of Excellence in Intermediate Hindi-Urdu

Brinda Bhaskar

Award of Excellence in Advanced Hindi-Urdu

Iqra Masood

Italian Studies

Outstanding Dedication to the Italian Club

Kelsey Strout

Most Improved Student in Italian Studies

Ian Woodward


Outstanding Achievement in First-Year Japanese

Lee Byrum

Kensley Cox

Jake Ferrero

Outstanding Achievement in Second-Year Japanese

Sam Magura

Mitchell Martin

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Japanese

Genevieve Bachmann

Allison Kittinger

Shihori Obata


Excellence in First-Year Portuguese

Stefanie Pereira

Excellence in Second-Year Portuguese

Brennan Davis

Julia Lowe

Randy Shine

Joseph Warren

Special Achievement in Portuguese & First Portuguese Studies Minor

Rajan Singh

Russian Studies

Excellence in First-Year Russian

Zoe Grimalia

David Hallen

Catherine Lumsden


Outstanding Senior in Spanish

Sara Awad

Sarah Chetty

Hannah Hunter

Brandon Inman

Kayli Richter

Outstanding Service to the Spanish Program

Richard Gay


Serene Ahmad

Lexi Panizza

Addie Blowers

Rachel Raineri

Courtney Breen

Jeffery Redpath

Lauren Campau

Cassidy Ring

Corinne Carter

Caitlin Rogers

Emma Cathell

Lesa Sexton

Jade Davis

Amanda Smith

Evan Dippel

Zach Smith

Margaret Edwards

Kyle Talbott

Richard Gay

Diana Torres

Andi Gibbs

Daniel Tseng

Sarah Gundy

Isaac Warren

Taylor Hatfield

Emily Johnson

Christopher Iatridis

Michael McCormick

Massiel Medina

Kendra Miller

Caitlin Neal

The FLL Department is thrilled to recognize all of these students on their accomplishments. Kudos! 

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