Postcards from España 2: Seeing the Sights

cathedral img

Segovia´s Gothic cathedral is beautiful from any angle. Photo: James McConnell.

Continuing with our series

Seeing the Sights

May 20, 2016

56,660 people. That’s how many folks live in Segovia. Interestingly enough, Chapel Hill, NC has 57,233 people, just so you’ll have an understanding of the amount of people in the city. Since it’s near the base of a mountain range and surrounded by countryside, there is a lot of nature to see. For instance, you could be hiking and come across a herd of sheep but surprisingly enough, there is always something cultural going on around here as well. Such as flamenco music, for free! Here are some photos of a random Friday in Segovia so you can get some flavor for what goes on here.

¡Disfruta! Enjoy!

Segovia 2016 Blog


carousel img
The traveling carousel is always a welcome sight at the beginning of our trip. Photo: James McConnell.
stairs img
Climbing up these stairs every day will keep you in pretty good shape. Or you’ll die trying. Hopefully the former. Photo: James McConnell.


snow img
Snowy mountain peaks greet us every year and soon they’re gone. Photo: James McConnell.
lights img
Most nights in Segovia are pretty enchanting. Photo: James McConnell.

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