Postcards from Spain 4: San Gobian Glass Factory and Whisky DYC

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Amazing views on the way home. Photo: James McConnell.

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San Gobaian Glass Factory and Whisky DYC

May 23, 2016

Today we went on our second group excursion! Our first stop was at Saint Gobain in La Granja de San Ildefonso, a commercial glass factory about 10 km from Segovia which produces glass 24 hours a day by scheduling workers in different shifts. There we were able to tour the factory and learn about the process of making glass bottles many of which are shipped to perfume companies all over the world including Carolina Herrera and Chanel N° 5.

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Today’s guest bloggers are Wolfpackers Marina Weissman and Cecily Jones.

After our tour of the factory we ate lunch at “Asador Castellano el Chorrillo” where we chose from a variety of Spanish dishes and as usual, ate way too much bread with our meal.

Our second stop was at the DYC Whisky Factory which was the first factory to start producing whisky in Spain and they began in 1959. We walked through every step of the distillation process and got to see all of the materials that go into making whisky and gin. The factory was really interesting because we were able to see the early stages of a product that many of us recognized from local stores around Segovia.

Overall, our day was well spent learning a lot about the history and technology behind many Segovian products that are known worldwide.

By Marina Weissman and Cecily Jones

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