Hindi-Urdu Program Celebrates 2017 Cultural Night

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Odissi Classical Dance choreographed by Madhumita Misra. Photo Credit: Anjali Patel.

Recently, the Hindi-Urdu Program welcomed teachers, students and friends to their Cultural Night of 2017. The event, which this year celebrated its seventh installment, is an opportunity to better understand the cultural richness of both India and Pakistan.

The event provided the opportunity to listen to poetry and traditional songs in both Hindi and Urdu, as well as enjoy popular dances from the different regions that make up these two rich cultures. The event was organized under the leadership of the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Dr. Ruth Gross, and introduced by organizer Dr. Nilakshi Phukan, and by the coordinator of the Hindi-Urdu Program, Dr. Sujata Mody.

Students, relatives and friends as well as members of the Triangle’s Indian and Pakistani communities were also present.

The Hindi-Urdu program is part of the Asian Language Concentration in the department’s Foreign Languages and Literatures Major.

Here some pictures of the event:

Dancers performing Kollywood dance of the state Kerala during the 2017 Hindi-Urdu Cultural Night. Kollywood is a colloquial term used to describe the movie industry in Tamil language. Photo Credit: Anjali Patel.


Manglagaur Dance (Folk Dance of Maharashtra, India), choreographed by Rajashree Pathare. Photo Credit: Anjali Patel.


dance img
Kathak and Bollywood dance fusion by Fareena Qamar from Meredith Girls College. Photo Credit: Anjali Patel.

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