Professor Talks about US Media Ecosystem in the Trump Era during the IV Ryszard Kapuscinski International Seminar in Spain

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Professor Jordi Marí during his participation in the IV Ryszard Kapuscinski International Seminar in Spain.

Recently, the city of Elche, Spain, hosted the IV International Seminar Ryszard Kapuscinski, part of the XIII International Conference of Journalism at the University Miguel Hernández. During the event, NC State professor Jordi Marí talked about the US media ecosystem since the coming to power of the current administration of President Trump last January.

In his presentation, entitled “Death to Intelligence, Life to Death!: Donald Trump against Planet Earth,” Marí discusses the link between certain policies of the current US administration and the pattern of misinformation, censorship, and manipulation that characterizes the US media ecosystem these days.

Jordi Marí is professor of film studies and Spanish literature with twenty years of experience teaching in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at NC State. He is also a gifted jazz performer.

The seminar series honors the Polish poet and journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski, one of the most important voices of the Polish pro-democracy movement during the `80s and until his death in 2007.

The event was organized by Dr. José Luis González Esteban, current Deputy Vice Chancellor of International Relations for International, University Miguel Hernández, Spain.

Follows an excerpt from the presentation given by professor Marí (in Spanish):

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